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Service 101: How to Keep Your Honda Running Like New

What’s the Honda Maintenance My Ride Needs?

Ready to keep your vehicle running like new? Then you’ll need to keep up with your Honda maintenance schedule and make repairs when they pop up—it’s that simple. But what all is part of the Honda maintenance schedule? And are there any other services you should consider for your vehicle? Stick with us today as we cover the basics—also, schedule your Honda repair service and maintenance online with Honda of Lake City, your local Honda service center near High Springs, FL.

It’s All in the Maintenance Schedule: Your Key to Peak Rides

Helping your Honda run like new all starts with keeping up with regular maintenance. So, when your maintenance minder tells you it’s time for an oil change, schedule service, as this simple procedure puts fluids in your ride to help your powertrain optimally cool while also lubricating the finer parts to help your motor avoid literally crumbling to the ground from all the excess friction.

Also, don’t skip your tire and brake service. Whether you drive a performance-driven beast like a Civic Type R or a sleek urban commuter like the HR-V (or any other model) both these parts are critical for helping you launch with finesse or brake in time before slamming into the bumper ahead or hydroplaning through a red light in Alachua, FL, on a rainy afternoon. Instead, make sure your calipers, pads, and rotors are replaced when needed, and schedule a tire rotation and/or replacement when you start noticing your tire tread wearing excessively.

Even smaller parts like your battery demand service to help your Honda vehicle cruise like new. So, schedule your service immediately after needing to jump start your vehicle—or even have us check your power source preemptively to help you avoid getting stuck in your garage.

Keeping an Eye on What’s Working: The Easy Service

Alongside your maintenance, you’ll also want to keep up with your checkups, like making sure your transmission fluid, power steering fluid, engine oil, and brake fluid are properly topped off to help you cruise smoothly and with peak responsiveness—specifically, you’ll know it’s time to take your ride to us if you smell funky odors from your fluids are start hearing strange squealing sounds when you attempt to turn.

Even if your drives feel exhilarating, schedule the occasional diagnostic test to help ensure nothing hidden is about to destroy your smooth rides. After all, misfiring cylinders can cause your car to become undrivable if unchecked—and the symptoms aren’t always immediately noticeable. You’ll also want to check your spark plugs, as these parts typically cost less than $40 to replace, but can cause more than $7,000 worth of damage to your motor if they become faulty—so again, you’ll want to pre-emptively search for these problems.

Keeping That Like-New Ride: Start in Lake City

Want to know the secret to helping your Honda run like new for hundreds of thousands of miles to come? Schedule your maintenance online today at Lake City Honda to keep those exhilarating rides at their peak. While you’re here, we’ll help in any way possible, and can even offer Honda dealership express service to help you get your maintenance rapidly while also answering any questions that pop up—it’s only getting started with how we dedicate our time to you.